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Mission + Vision

Plant the “seed” of Jesus Christ in to the hearts and minds of HIS youngest children.
Serve our Mother’s by providing money saving resources through corporate Partnerships.

Children’s Ministry

‘Fruit Farm of the Spirit’ is a registered LLC in the state of Floridia. Our source of revenue relies on corporate Partnerships which allows us to bring faith-based, creative content to you and your family. Help us serve you through one of our multi-media platforms.

Partner Message

“One year ago, God placed a vision in my heart now called “The Fruit Farm of the Spirit”. One problem. I had the vision but lacked the gift of bringing that vision to life. By no coincidence, in walk my supremely gifted Partners, SVP Marcel Pratts & CEO Pastor Marcos Diaz. The only two men of God with the ability to bring the vision to reality. I thank Him every day for crossing our paths in order to execute His Vision for His Children.” -Jeff McCracken


“We’re excited to see the work Fruit Farm of the Spirit is doing introducing God’s word to children at such an early age.”

-Bible Pathway Adventures
Pip Dumbill
Curtis Reid