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Marcos Diaz

Born and raised in Orlando, Fl. Marcos Diaz always had a burning desire to change the world. His gift of networking and passion for God has led to the founding of the non-profit organization “FUTURE INVESTORS FOR THE KINGDOM”. This project, to expand the kingdom of God by establishing ministries under the one true ministry of Jesus Christ and spreading the gospel of the kingdom, along with many other visions, came from being spirit led which is his lifestyle and his message for all. “I can only point you to the source, the Holy Spirit does the rest” is Marco’s motto. For the past four years Marcos has been involved in ministry outreach touching and changing the lives of many local homeless, addicts and less-fortunate members of society.

Inspired and mentored by Eliberto Bonilla and Bishop Samuel Cotto -who ordained Marcos as Apostle thru The Kingdom Alliance- who opened the door for Marcos to become part of the Inter-America’s Chaplains Association under Minister Edwin Quintana (President), where he ministers and spreads the truth in prisons, hospitals and wherever else God calls him to be. When he isn’t on the field Apostle Marcos continues to share the gospel at his newly founded church Kaleo Ministries. Kaleo –the first Ministry of Future Investors for The Kingdom- is the next step in expanding the kingdom of God and changing the world by first changing the city.

In addition, Marcos has recently been appointed Orange County’s community action board Pastor of Districts 3, 4 and 5. He utilizes resources and insights from God to eliminate and prevent the effects of poverty, inspiring hope with education, opportunity and the truth ordained by God..

Not only is Marcos a current graduate of International Miracle Institute with his Doctorates in Christian Thoeoloy he is also licensed and ordained by his spiritual grandparents Dr Christian Harfouche.and Dr. Robin Harfouche. As C.E.O of Fruit Farm of the Spirit, Marcos is excited to go global and spread the word of God.

Jeff McCracken

Born in upstate New York and raised in North Carolina, Jeff McCracken is a true entrepreneur. From children’s books to custom products at Neiman Marcus, Jeff’s ideas turn into successful businesses. Graduating from the Citadel with a B.S in Political Science in 92’ Jeff started a trip all over the states creating ideas, selling products and making connections. In August 2015 Jeff received a vision of Fruit Farm of the Spirit and one year later is the founding/consulting partner helping keep the vision true while utilizing his experience to help expand the business.

Alec Perea-Martinez

Born in Boston and raised in Orlando, Alec has been a system administrator for the past five years and a professional magician for the past four. Alec considers himself a buccaneer and has been self-studying both computers and business from eight years of age. He has consulted with various start-up companies such as See Magic Live and is currently the IT Project manager for Fruit Farm of the Spirit. Alec has a uniquely creative mind and is always helping to redefine what people and projects can do. As a professional magician, his years as a performer and creative consultant shape his reality to look at and work on new technologies and his special style of communication helps lift any atmosphere and get people connected. He has a desire to help people think outside the box and get in touch with their entrepreneurial spirit and as a result currently is the founder of Community Connections; a non-profit focused on utilizing and leveraging resources in the community to help people plan and reach their next steps in life.

Marcel Pratts

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Maryland, Marcel Pratts is a self-taught artist who has a God given ability to take a vision and bring it to life. On August 2015th Marcel met Jeff McCracken and became the co-founder of Fruit Farm of the Spirit. One year later as Senior Vice President and lead content developer, Marcel has not only created and assisted in releasing a new app for Fruit Farm of the Spirit, but is also involved in new technologies with Kingdom Media Creations to bring forth the gospel like never before. Being involved in ministry for the last sixteen years Marcel is hungry and excited to reach the next generation and plant the seed of Jesus Christ into their hearts and minds.